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Why choose us?

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Personalised Learning

We understand that each individual has different learning needs. As a result, we diligently show each of our tutors how to teach in various learning styles. Additionally, tutors will help you develop a personalised learning plan during your 15 min free session! 

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Automated Pairing

Our algorithms have been engineered to match students with the best tutor based on your learning needs! We are so confident in our pairing methodology that we offer a free 15 min session with zero commitment required. 

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For Students, by Students

This organisation was started by students (just like you!), who were fed up by the generic teaching done at school. We want to make the learning experience enjoyable - that's when content retention is the highest! Our tutors are recent IB graduates and so know all the tips and secrets needed to help you succeed!

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Knowledgable Tutors

All our tutors are successful IB graduates that scored 40+ IB Points. Our high-performing graduates attend some of the world's best universities and are highly successful! Feel free to ask them for life advice and tips on the uni application process!

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Affordable learning packages

We offer packages of 4+ hours in order to bring you the best prices. If you don't want to commit upfront, please book a free 15 minute session. No commitment to start tutoring if you are not satisfied.

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Safe Learning Environment

All our tutors must undergo our rigorous safety and compliance training program when they join. We proactively engage with tutors and students to ensure we keep a safe environment. We have never had a safety complaint and work hard to keep it that way.

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